Misfits banding together to create a better world


Keeday is a community of alternative thinkers,talkers, and doers supporting each other to showcase the alternative path to a better world. 

We are a support system for people who are answering the call to do good in the world.
We are a starting point for people interested in making a shift to the alternative
We are a support system for individuals and collectives to collaborate on projects

What We Do

Keeday supports youth across the country with the keeda or bug in them to make the world more ecologically just and socially inclusive, or fundamentally an easier place to live in. 

We Provide Care

Care & support to individuals journeying in the alternative

We Share

Creation and sharing of Collective Assets, Skills and Capital. 

We Provide Support

Umbrella registration for projects whose idea falls in our broad definition of ‘social & environmental good

We Find & Fund

An extended arm to help find networks and ideas to fund project


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Chit Chat Fund

A community micro-fund that gets built through micro-donations and that is held and distributed collectively.

Seal Tank

A non-competitive, collaborative space for all kinds of projects (that look to make the world a little easier) fostered and supported collectively.

Keeday Collective Fund

A hassle free divestment plan that guarantees exponential reduction in one's income and wealth by giving it away to people who have never experienced any income at all.


A office/hideout/co-working/do-nothing/incubating/hibernating space for the growing community of keedays and makaudays.