About us

Our Story

Keeda started out with a simple idea, ‘doers in the alternative to band together to make the world easier for all’. It started with two initial members, who are ‘jigari dosts’ as they call it in Hindi, kindred spirits or soulmates. We connected deeply but worked ON different initiatives. We enjoyed working in our organizations but felt the need to work with friends and make friendships while working collaboratively on projects. When IT people get together, they talk about changing the world. But when changemakers get together, they talk about money. So they decided to form a guild of warriors to SKILLSHARE and money share to make us all effective.

Who We Are

Keeda is now a loosely held group that acts as a safety net- financially, and emotionally, and provides solidarity and a sense of a larger universal shared identity that’s otherwise missing while working for purpose or MISSION-DRIVEN organizations in India. 

We have a google group with 50+ members who have been initiated through personal conversations- some lasting for months and some for just an hour or two. Members in the group either seek support or offer it- financial, skill-based, or emotional. No one member is assigned to do any of it. A field is created where the members feel safe enough to share what they need. Such a space isn’t always available in non-profit organizations. 

Keeda is also registered as a company so members of the group needn’t worry about the backend work. So Keeda provides that support to budding social entrepreneurs as well. 

By providing a safe to fail space ( In every way ) - keeda is looking to make sure that more youth in the country can find the space and courage to execute their crazy projects ideas for social good

Our approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure youth get all the support they need, when they need it, no matter what it is. 

The group has discovered how deep sharing can really transform lives. We want to continue these experiments in resource sharing, collaborative working, and solidarity building that not only makes sure that the group flourishes but also provides an experiential blueprint for other similar groups to pop across the country. 

Our Vision

To facilitate more people to professionally work towards creating a better earth and to help collectives and individuals to collaborate on projects by lending support to each other. 

We are not sure if the group will grow or not. We would like that to be a collective decision. but what we would definitely want to experiment is to see how we can have collective livelihoods, community funds and needs based allocation. We would like to be able to engage other individuals who might want to start such initiatives across the country. 

We share


Most of the keeda members are ‘fakirs’ (mendicants). Very few of them have regular incomes as social good isn’t a good income generation source in India. We have created a community fund called “Chit-Chat Fund” where money is pooled through micro contributions. Its decentralised and anonymous. Every month one of the member would volunteer to share their bank details to collect contribution. 


We work like pack animals taking down big problems in the hunt by working together. We have artists, bankers, developers, educators, musicians, filmmakers, etc.  So yes, we can pretty much do everything. 


We have a place to stay- Keehive, community organization that can be used by anyone as a host organization to anchor their projects. 

Keeday Priviledges

Keeday is all about caring and supporting each other. These are our flagship programs to make this happen

Chit Chat Fund

Seal Tank


Keeday Makauday Foundation